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Japanese Akita Dog

The Japanese Akita is a dog as a pet, the normal family. It was initially high in the Akita Prefecture in Japan, as hunting dogs, deer, wild boar and bears. Forcetteeffet it is necessary, a large dog with a high confidence, and a dominant tendecies independent. The Akita is also known as the Akita Inu, Japanese for the dog.

The height of the Akita is between 24 to 28 inches and weighs eighty-one hundred and ten pounds. He is strong, hard and a bone from the muscular body. That is a lot of dog!

The Akita is a dual-Layere what is hard and dense, with a thick layer of dense. He is in Überfluss, tousl'année and requires daily brushing and maintain. The coat can be white, beige or making, as well as any mixture of these. The dense layer of the breed means that he is happy in the snow, but it will suffer in a warm climate.

This is not a dog for inexperienced or for people who are older or already are. Akita are intelligent and athletic and are socialized, as a loyal and loving, but increasingly for the dominant position in the family. It showsEmail the attack on family members and May for a family with small children. With this breed it is important that you are the Alpha Dog and that he knows that his place in your "pack"!

The Akita May show aggression towards other dogs and small animals and should not be allowed to err is not in areas where many people and other dogs.

training Akita

The Akita can be difficult to form because it sind intelligent and stubborn and can quickly dull. It should never be an issue of "Ask an Akita to do something. It must always be a command from a dominant owner. If you say "No", and it means to make stick. You May aberon problems with the training, such as Akita suffer from urinary tract infections in early childhood.

There are a lot of information available online, for the most part free of charge, subject to aggression by dogs. Any dog that theunwarranted attacks on humans or animals, is in urgent need of training of experts.

If you prenezun Akita into your family, you must be willing to put the time and effort on training, socialization, and toilet übtr. This large dog also costs a lot to feed.

Akita in the family

There are views on the relevance Akita with young children. Historically, race has a strong reputation for protecting childrn and young people are often in only. Another point, the prevailing opinion of the race and the fact that chienss are competing for their place in the peloton. Sure, a child is not a game for adults physischAkita.

An adequate monitoring of the behavior of the dog and child is important in this situation. This means that a socialized Akita will be easier with it.

Akita are excellent watchdogs. They have a very strong instinct territorial and protector of family and property. As a watchdog, they are quietly effective. You have no bark unnecessarily but surely the alarm bells to ring on one or sounds strange visitors.

The average lifespan of the Akita is about 12 years. Like many other Hundebruten cancer is the commonest cause of deaths. Recent studies in the United Kingdom and the United States and Canada has shown that this is the case with other diseaseeiten, including cardiac and bloating / torsion.

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