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The killifish And Loach Fish

Fish are like people in many ways that the fish demand oxygen, food, water, cleanliness, affection, associations and so on. The main source of survival is poissonsHowever, water. Freshwater fish are like people who studied the fish can not digest large quantities of salt water, although some freshwater fish can tolerate a trace of salt. Saltwater fish, on the other hand the demand for salt water. The fish come from oceans, seas and waters around the world. Freshwater fish from ponds, streams, lakes, rivers, etc. Some of these fish are killifish and Loach fish.

Loach fish come from a wide variety, including family  Cobitidae. The first fish is at night, and relate to catfish. The fish live in the depths of the waters, barbels that help them through the gravel. The Kuli Loach is one of Loach fish, the body has a long snake. The fish is a favorite aquarium choice. Some people describe the Kuli, like a worm in the form of the body. Kuli does not condone the lights, and ziehtVerstecken areas. The tendency to the habitat of the fish in the back corners of the basement and gets environments. The fish  is shy by nature, unless you hold the fish of its kind in the same. Kuli loves festoyer on Tubifex. The fish has come to an end, long body, grows up to 3 inches. The fish has a quiet nature and the life of the community in tanks.

Loach fish from the family Cobitidae, Acanthophthalmus Semicinctus and Botia Macracantha group that you find these fish in most pet stores. A simple maintenance in the category is Botia Loach. This Fisch loves moderately hard water, or alkalinity of the water. It is recommended that vouséviter the acidity of the water. Moreover, the temperature of the water should be 70 degrees Fahrenheit and no more than 75 degrees Fahrenheit. That makes a recording Botia Tank municipal neighbor. Botia, the Tiger and Clown Fish. To learn more about these fish, whether online or at your provider.

Kuli Loach terms of water

Kuli loves the water slightly acidic or neutrall water, and not a pH preference. Tank Conditions: The shy fish care not for the lights, and therefore you should him a house in the factory sealed aquarium with many areas to hide.


Kuli Tubifex take pleasure feast, but also eating frozen foods, as well as a selection of dried foods.

killifish of the family Cyprinodontidae. The fish is widely distributed and has the most beautiful bright colors alle fish from freshwater and saltwater. This fish is ideal for beginners, because he lives in tanks without a problem council. The habitat of the fish in the countries of Africa south of Sahara water. Streams during dry pLaufzeit Special that this fish dies. Yet the offspring or Life brings secs climates, the life of the killifish.

The fish live in small containers, and a desire to create the conditions for the water to 70 degrees or 85 degrees Fahrenheit. Dhe fish live longer at temperatures of 70 degrees. Killifish growth 2-4 inches.

water conditions

Peat filtered water is ideal, but the fish tolerate soft, hard or slightly acidic waters.


The fish eat a wide range of foods, frozen and dried. The flipside of the coin on killifish is rare that you have this breed in pet shops. The AKA (American Association killifish) TheGroup can help you areas where the fish are sold.

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