Tuesday, April 14, 2009

prepare for Lause Bengel Puppies

race after your wife, you have 63 days from the date of their eggs are fertilized until the puppies. During this time, it is necessary to purchase or build a bin below your FEMSsupply range. It must be wide enough for them to be comfortable. It is extremely important that the rails in about 4 inches wide with all 4 sides of the trash can. The rails are 4 inches from the ground below me. This prevents accidentally overwritten are puppies under the mother. Down'm prepared, in accordance with low-absorbent tampons. It is recommended, 3 pads, so that they be washed and turned as needed. Make sure the bottom tray is in ahe atmosphere, quiet location.

lagging below'm ready, there are other products that you need in your hand. Keep warm newborn puppies is of paramount importance, therefore, you should use a ceramic heat source was developed specifically for the subjects below. In addition, you will need a digital rectal thermometer, wire and stainless steel scissors. It is usually necessary, the sounding of the umbilical cord of the mother is not removed. Once the cable is connected, via the cutwith the scissors made of stainless steel. Garderune rubber bulb to remove the syringe with fluid from the respiratory tract and puppies puppy formula and a bottle of liquid in the cases in which one or more dogs of the difficulty of nursing. May you also need a bottle and formula, if there are more than 10 puppies from the mother is not that the first nurse to 10 little. If you wish, several pairs of latex gloves, it's been a little confusion Beschäftigung.

Finally, it is a good idea, a clock, paper and pencil in hand, about the time, the sex and color of each puppy. Time Sheet is also a way to measure the amount of time between puppies. If the weather is suspended, you want to call your veterinarian and that its May undre a problem.

Joseph M. SABOL class is a Doberman breeder.

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