Monday, April 6, 2009

Are you ready for a new Border Collie?

Get a Border Collie is different from the search for a new teddy bear for a great pair of new shoes. Dog ownership requires patience, consistency and commitment. So before you finally take home the last of the other members of your family, you must ensure that it is really for you. Time
if full-time friend who rarely even para relaxation, then the ownership of dogs is not for you. Fairegs to take care of training and socialization. But how can you do if you are too busy with their own business? Financial Stability
As the owner of a dog is your responsibility to provide the needs of your dog needs - dog food, bedding, bowls, collars, leashes, and cash a whole lot more. Vacunaciónnes, cleaning and reregular veterinary control must not be ignored, and not to mention the potential costs when Fido is sick and needs medication. Be sure to consider the potential costs before you create a hole in your pocket.
Lifestyle Are you an active person as a Border Collie or vice versa? Note that the Border Collie at work and needs an extensive exercise to keep them happy. If you are not the géneroe of the many activities that wouldof your dog, you want May to consider other breeds. behavioral problems and health
Some dogs are more prone to disease than others. Some problem behaviors tend to develop in May on the road. Puppies are cute when they are still puppies. But what if your little bundle of energy in a little devil who likes to share his two zapatoss? Are you patient enough and determined to solve this problem? Training
Cada dog owner wants a well trained dog that is pleasant to be around. A Border Collie can be more intelligent race, but does not necessarily mean they can understand obedience and other things about themselves. You need to take an extra effort to mold your dog into a lovable pet that you want to be. A vezque make sure you are ready to welcome your new Border Collie, no waiting. Get ready for 12 to 15 years  of fun and happiness with this multi-talented breed.

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