Saturday, April 11, 2009

Puppy House Tips

Many pet stores, to introduce the puppies because they are easier to sell. Children and young people simply adore these little furry animals, and they do not seem to take their eyes. The inevitable happens - they want to take the puppy home. The problem is that not really know how to be responsible for the animals yet. If you buy a puppy for their children, knows that it is your responsibility to carer your dog, your children will not be able to do a good job. So before you lash your credit card and buy the puppy, make sure you know what he has in himself. When the puppy comes home, the first thing you should do is to train baby animal. You do not want the puppy to run around the house, removing all pencajes. A person has to do all the cleaning, you are. And you do not want to add too much stress innecesario to your life. In general, there are 2 areas that you need to focus. The first area is the training of their offspring so that it knows where and when to remove. The second area is to train your dog to behave in a socially acceptable manner. This means no barking at night, not to bite small children, etc. Sounds like a lot to do. Fortunately, dogs are smart enough, and the young pups are well known to be highlynte adaptable. So if you put time and effort to learn the dog can become laparfait pet. To train your puppy to know when to remove, you will be familiar with the method body. You can find any information about this method on the Internet. You start by dolorter a box for the puppy, and making it for several hours at a time. The goal is to train your puppy to learn to control your bladder. Dogs lIMPI, natural and not dirty like sleep. Therefore, when in the cage, usually not eliminated. Do not buy a box that is too large. Otherwise, the dog will eliminate in one corner, and then go back to sleep in another. ElEfectivo should not be too small. This is not a prison. When the puppy is young, the cage is like a second home for the animal. Therefore, be sure to create a comfortable atmosphere. Put some  toys around the cage and still have some water for the dog to drink. Your puppy does not resist the next time you try to limit the purchase.

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