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Facts about Dogs - Why do you want to Own a dog

dogs are faithful companions and value to family members people around the world, but how do you actually know what is man's best friend? While many dogs can take it increased their sense, their ability to learn through the strengthening and simple observation, and its form has evolved from CognitioSociales not really be distinguished fromlot. The dogs have great meaning. Although opinion may vary from race to race, all dogs are capable of smell and hearing are far superior to humans. Dogs can hear sounds of frequencies above and below the range of man, as well as detect the source of the sound and hear sounds four times the distance we can. Modern dedinero dogs are the ancestors of wolves, which have reduced the head and patas a wolf of comparable size. The dogs have inherited part of the structure of the social hierarchy of wolves, and are described as DEPACK animals. Unlike the wolf, however, dogs are omnivores and have been observed to eat fruits and vegetable in nature. The dog was domesticated by humans about 15,000 years is anyone's guess exactly how it happened. There are more detamaño, appearance and behavior changes in dogs than in any other pet. The dogs were bred to pull loads, hunting and custody, and it was assumed that in May the dogs have played an important role dansaider man to cross the Bering Strait pulling sledges. Today, dogs are used in new ways. They work as rescuers, breeders, sensors and drug pumps, as well as service functions ens for physically and mentally. "Life is the great equalizer between humans and dogsdog with a lifetime much shorter than we appreciate. The oldest record dog lived in the age of 24 years, but the average lifespan for most dogs is 10 to 12 years. Larger dogs such as Great DanoisWolfhounds May and the Irish live only six years, while small dogs like poodle Toy Spaniels Tibetan and can live 15 years or more. Dogs Other facts:

? The current population of dogs is estimated at 400 million. ? Dogs are ciegos to red and green shadows. ? The largest dog is an English Mastiff weighing 343 pounds! ? The couple experienced a large Danish dog, to 42.4 inches at the shoulder. ? The smaller dog has been called a Yorkshire Terrier that was 2.5 inches at the shoulder and weighed 4oz. ? Dogs are hunters and gatherers, but are not sure of other predators. Wolves, leopards, tigers and hyenas have been known to attack dogs. Therefore, the next vez you see a dog, take a moment to appreciate what we do and how they have really earned their keep as our best friend for thousands of years!

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