Monday, April 6, 2009

The best dogs for children - 3 best breeds for children

Dogs can teach children love, responsibility, and life in general. And more and more with a dog can make a connection to his son a love of life. But the secret of the relationship between the child and the dog comes first in choosing a breed. Here are 3 breeds of dogs are a great friend for life. Golden Retriever - These dogs are gentle and friendly, people-loving dogs that receive foreigners, even with a beautiful flag wagging tail. Lines are elegant appearance of gold along its coat of hair which makes the sun shine. Available in dark red (almost Irish Setter color), half or pale brown, you're sure to find a color that appealed. They are also in a wide range of sizes, women are slightly smaller than malesos. The normal weight is 75 pounds, but Goldens can be found in all sizes. They are super smart, easy to train, if you like and want more control of their lives. They tend to be high in terms of maintenance of skin and personal care, but these dogs are very useful for every moment of attention you give back because they love their attention 10,000 times. I fort you need to walk in the room with the dog, all eyes will be on the Golden.  If you decide to get a Golden Retriever of your child when they are young, your child will find no greater friend. American Cocker Spaniel - This is the race that Walt Disney made famous in the night and the Lady tramp. Dame, of course, the beautiful Cocker Spaniel with compassion, grace, and beautiful forms. This article describes Cocker Spaniels in real life too. Stener This small dogs that weigh 15-30 pounds and are generally 15 to 16 inches tall. Tienen a luxurious silk coat, long ears, a docked tail and the soft expression on his face. They come in solid brown or black, and many other color combinations too numerous to mention in this article. Research online or at your local library will give you a starting point for all colors from which to choose puedez. The hair and ears should be well maintained and they need daily exercise, but a small yard will do. Training formal or informal, is a good idea to create the package leader, and help your Cocker as a family member and polite. Considered by the American Kennel Club (AKC) at 2 numbre dog breed in America, Cocker care can live to 15 years and make a stylish pet, companion and friend of her son. English- Labrador Retriever Style - Well built, intelligent dogs who are exceptionally good with children, the labs come in 3 solid colors color yellow, black and chocolate. Most weigh between 70 to 80 pounds with females slightly smaller. Their coats are fairly easy to maintain because they are short hair, no flag. We recommend obedience training, while there is still a puppy establish behaviors that make it a granmascota for your child. Raised as a dog, they need plenty of exercise and a large yard to keep them happy. They are very happy to retrieve a stick or other objectfor you, both on and off the water because they are great swimmers. The Labrador English style tends to have better health records because it is more selective for higher avoid diseases such as hip dysplasia, elbow defects, and cataracts. Although the features described above are generalizations about the breeds, each dog has individual characteristics that may or may not confirm to the breed standard. Consultation on a dogof cattle that will do much to help you choose a dog of the litter that suits your lifestyle and your child.

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