Monday, April 6, 2009

Visco elastic foam and other types of dog bed stuffing demystified

Choosing a dog bed can be confusing. The padding used in the foam dog beds are often described by its name - the visco-elastic foam, for example, without any explanation of what these names and why you may want to have the type of filler in the When choosing a dog bed. This article deals with the différence between different types of fillers used in the beds of dogs. CrateMousse convoluted foam or egg

This is like a box of egg foam, and having hollow peaks, hence the name. Note that this filling is used only as a man in the Topper mattress, mattress, and not as a filling in it, because it is thin and foldable. Therefore, taking into account the product description, May I ask if this type of  is ideal for the needs of your dog, especially if your dog is large or heavy. foam padding years

uvisuellement This foam is a reference to the strength (degree) of the foam that is stronger and therefore more expensive than the foam convoluted . dual density foam

This is where two types of foam used in the dog bed filling - hence the double-density. It is generally mesde the layer of foam  high density to reduce the pressure. And thick low density foam to support and / or ventilation. Foam or Memory Foam Visco Elastic

This high density foam mattresses orthopedic estutilisée humans due to its firmness, helping to ensure the comfort and support, especially for patients arthritis or other complaints. Another strength is its ability to restore its original shape after use. Thereforeto, is a tough dog bed filling. As with the human equivalent of a mattress, it is medical grade orthopedic, providing maximum comfort and support common to dogs that suffer from skeletal muscle. For these reasons, this type of bed is likely to be more expensive than other types of dog beds. However, the quality and longevity of a visco-elastic foam dog bed should more than offset the initial expenses incurred. If you have a dog that is grwalk or heavy, you probably want to avoid egg carton filling, and move one of the highest quality and most durable filling.

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