Saturday, April 11, 2009

Puppy Training Pads - Ten Tips

Make sure the puppy training pads in a place where your puppy where to find them. 2. You have to let your puppy know what are the pills. Although most are perfumed with a hormone to encourage your puppy to eliminate on them, not the furniture - it is always best to show him in the sixth prizes. 3. to prevent your dog always has to brake pads, and should allow regular breaks pot - every 2-3 hours is a good idea (although this is not static and varies in particular breeds and sizes.) The idea is for the pads used as a training tool for your puppy time to learn to use the bathroom outside. 4. a good idea if the training is to train your puppy to use a box. When, to put in the cage - leaving sufficientient space to stand and turn easily. If your puppy is in his cage, which does not work at home accidents can not be found. 5. When your puppy is using the pills regularly and systematically, you can begin to approach the door using the door pulgur license. 6. Be realistic with your training - your pup is likely to have accidents. Only with a reprimand "No" if the capture of an accident. Aprèsvous been caught in the act of having an accident say 'no' and select it and place it on the pads. If you catch your puppy using the blocks - to give plenty of praise and a treat - I want you to know that he was a "good boy". 7. Now that your puppy is regularly using the pads closer to the door - you will be able to move away from the pads. Looking to the exterioror your puppy to use a signal and use words like "potty time" or whatever the signal and the use of all time. Thus, he began to associate with this sign outside. 8. be compatible with their training and it will not be long before your puppy is housebroken. 9. Do not leave paper towels on the floor, if your puppy has an accident in May, when it is confused with the elders of these pills. 10. Congratulations, puppy pads used to train your dog or small boat.

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