Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Dog Care - 4 ways you can make a difference for a homeless dog

I just adopted a beautiful intelligent yellow Labrador my local shelter. I called Jay. Is short and easy for him to understand. / P> It is not a puppy, but 4 years has been called by his family due to financial difficulties and could not support a dog more. I was looking for my ideal dog for 3 years yEstoy very grateful. I have always  been sensitive to the animal shelter and how I can help and support. With Jay on my life, I now know the importance of the animal shelter. Without them I never had the chance to get it. Here are four easy ways you can help a shelter. YOUR TALENT OFFER: You have a talent that could help the homeless, to take many pictures (which is what I do with my apartment), one could design vonos newsletter. Think of something simple and that could benefit vousils. OFFER YOUR TIME : If you have a couple of hours a month, you can walk the dogs and give them human contact, so they deserve during this difficult period. YOUR OFFER small change: The shelters are always in need of money, even if it is five dollars. View unutour money, paper and giving. offering goods : Include a traffic case or aas few cans of wet food for your next grocery store. Also need some shelter of paper towels, stamps, soap. Just call and ask. The key is to make a difference to the animal shelter, he was a good feeling in the process.

If you have some good advice,you can post it after the passage,thanks.

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