Friday, April 10, 2009

What is rewarding for the Border Collie

Despite the fact that their intelligence makes them highly trained border collies, training can be a challenge especially for a first time dog owner, because these dogs are very receptive and are in constant reflection. Inappropriate method of training is enough to break your dream of having a well-trained Border Collie. same happens with other dogs recompensaspenses coBorder llies training is more effective than punishment based training. The use of rewards Border Collie training aims to increase the risk of being exposed to the problem again. Therefore, it is important to know the things your dog finds rewarding. Lunch special. The majority of dog owners use food to try to motivate your dog to obey certain commands. However, all dogs have Trafficking  the same effect. You probably know that juicy piece of meat or cheese flavor is much more attractive than dry, fade and granuleusetraite dogs. Therefore, be sure to get an appeal, which most closely resembles your dog. Treats used in the training should be small so that it can give the dog a large number of awards, but never complete and it affects your dog tries regime should not be considered as a basis. Paraloid medium sized dogs such as Border Collie, 1 / 3 inches of agreement is fair. Praise and affection. Who does not like emotional rewards? Some states that praise and affection methods are old school and not working more. But it is not true tson Border Collie. Be aware that dogs thrive on praise, Border Collie certainly love all the attention and praise that can get you. Quy remained in place after giving the command "stay", praise him. When sitting, praise him and frOtar your tummy. For whatever the behavior of your dog shows positive, give praise and affection. Praise is often used with the dog issue. Toys. Do you often come to the house in disarray vousr house with carpet in pieces? or shoes with straps missing? Vur You can train dogs to stop chewing their valuable property, by providing toys to chew. Most chew toys are made of rubber resistant to  toys are safe for your dog. They come in various sizes and shapes. Some may be responsible for the transformation to keep Fido occupied for hours. Do not buy chew toys with strings, buttons, fabric in bulk, small parts or parts in May breaking into pieces. The addition of dadpes dogs are seeking toys toys, stuffed animals and plush toys, rope toys, Kongs, and interactive toys. A dog will do something for one or more eSTOs toys.

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