Friday, April 10, 2009

Training a new puppy - The Do's and Don'ts

When training a new puppy makes some important things you should know. I leave the most important so you can make the most of your new puppy. You do not have to be a professional dog trainer to be able to train your new puppy. All you have basic knowledge is the behavior of c.ien, patience, love, and someyou tips and tricks. You'll find that the formation of a new puppy can be fun and rewarding for you so long. You do not want your dog to become rebellious teenager in a few months, so it is best to start when you bring your puppy home. You want to leave your puppy will adjust to their surroundings, but you want the puppy that is the immediate boss and he / she must follow the house rules. Adequately train a new puppy  will be the key to a happy and well adjusted, regardless of race puppy can be. From the moment you were born around 14 weeks when the pups how their social behavior, why is it so important to start training a new puppy immediately. Your easiest way to train a new puppy or more after the dogs, puppies, so that training can begin at around 7-12 weeks. The objective of the formation of an nEW puppy is to install a foundation for appropriate behavior and setting limits. Doing this will guarantee that your puppy becomes a well behaved adult dog. After the formation of a new puppy, you must understand they have very little attention. They can not pay attention for about 10 minutes. So if you assume that you can train your puppy in a day, and then create VOSE for failure. Therefore, your puppy does not  can pay attention to the limited amount of time it is best to train about 10 minutes. The best puppy for making progress on many occasions throughout the day. You have to be consistent. This is probably the first key in the formation of a new puppy. When you set rules for your puppy, all at home ycomprender. Therefore, if you do not want your puppy to jump on you, then you must make sure that nobody does not allowwe jump on them. Also, do not let your puppy out with something once, then again not because it can be confusing for the puppy. You may also want to make sure you follow through. Once you start training a new puppy be sure you really stick to that. Like you do not want vousr 5 years to use layers that you do not want your dog on your carpet PEEING 5 months later again. No matter which method you choose, make surefurther training, you will not regret it. Want to give a lot of positive feedback to your puppy. Like to praise. This is important because your puppy can never get enough praise. Be sure to catch something good. Try not to focus on the bad behavior, focus on rewarding good behavior as you. Your puppy will respond to verbal praise, question and dog play. The formation of a new puppy can be frustrating, especially if they havean accident or having to learn what you learned, but never as screaming or hitting against highly productive. This may make your puppy becomes precarious and aggression, of course, many other causes of behavioral problems. The formation of a new puppy will take much time and effort, but it's so good in the long term. You find that you have a happy and well behaved family member. Since it is so important, if you feel you canand train your puppy home, you can get help from a professional coach or a puppy training program if you need too.

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