Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Review Dogtra 175NCP

Being a dog trainer and someone who works with human society, which gives me the opportunity to test dog training products in a wide variety of dogs. These dogs love to come to me because it means for us to go out and play in the game and, in general, while I decide if the dog training material, that robust, stable, durable and generally a good product to A recommander My cllowing. In my quest to find the dogs and the revision of training products, this series of studies is basa in the formation of electronic aids that are becoming increasingly popular. First, consider the Dogtra brand products. I started with the Dogtra 175 as the basis and model for beginners. At first glance, the issuer, which is what you want and press the stimulation, is about three inches high and a pocor less than two inches wide and about an inch thick. Has a small antenna and a cable-type fabric strap to hang around your neck. The collar is a type of plastic resin or neck with the receiver. There are plastic ties on the sides of the gears that move the webbing of the neck. This will allow you to change the neck in the future if necessary. It also allows you to reset the transmitter to any table in the neck that is more  convenient for you to attach your dog's neck as desired. There are two types of probes to the transmitter. One is a longer version for dogs that have long thick hair. There is a red dog and the issuer of the card and when the points are placed side by side, is the step or not. On the radio dial is a continuous movement, not a type by clicking, you can slowly turn the knob to change the intensity. The transtion has two buttons. The summit is a "pseudo" and giving a slight stimulation of writing as a feeling and that's it. Button continuously emit a constant stimulation for a period of 20 seconds and then closes. Must release the button and down again to continue the stimulation. The necklace has a good range of 400 feet is a good distance for someone to go to a park with their dogs. Chiens A company is no need to make your dog away from you duduring the training. The collar is waterproof and if your dog decides to go in the water, you can be sure that the card will not be destroyed.

If you have some good advice,you can post it after the passage,thanks.

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