Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Help, I'm allergic to my dog - what now?

heard saying: "I'm allergic to my dog." This is not the same dog that is allergic to people. It is caused by dog dander. This is the dry skin flakes, while the flakes in the air, so we allergy. The scales (which are very small particles) are transported by air and are drawn in els curtains, carpets and furniture, such as saliva, once dry. It ausseripourquoi keep sneezing and wheezing, even when the dog is not in the same room with you. The dogs love to lick your face or hands to show their affection towards you. If you are allergic to the saliva of dogs, will be difficult. Even toys have saliva on them. One suggestion is to wear gloves when playing Chercher hypoallergenic and try to keep the dog away from his face. There are different races that have been designated as "hipoalergénico. "These are the races that are not much better, although there are no breeds of dogs that are 100% free of allergies. They produce dander, hair, even as the Chinese Crested breeds. However, there are certain breeds of dogs in May did not affect most people with allergies. This is because the type of hair carrerastienen. Some low loss and hair of dogs. fall down

dog basenji

Chihuahua Maltese Italian Greyhound Perro Water Bichon Poodle Portuguese

Irish Water Spaniel
Miniature Schnauzers Soft Coated Wheater Terrier


Chinese Crested Terrier American hairless
slow Xoloitzcuintli (rare)
Mexican hair

reduce Exposition dog allergy

* Buy a HEPA air filter. These can be placed throughout the house, especially in her room. * Buy a HEPA vacuum and aims to maintain its plantsworships regularly. * Wash carpets and all the dogs in bed on a regular basis. * Keep the furniture in the vacuum. If your dog on the sofa, a slipcover in place to help reduce the dander that accumulates on the sofa. You can also place sheets or blankets older can be removed and cleaned more often. * bathe your dog once in a while to remove the scales. Use shampoo for your shield, as the baths have a tendency to take the oil natural you need to keep your skin and hair healthy. * Finally, if this is difficult for some dog lovers (like me), ynotre dog should not be allowed in your room.

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