Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Electronic dog collars - Myths and truths revealed

Everyone discusses the electronic dog collars on the market today. These necklaces are very cheap to hundreds and hundreds of dollars.This price difference is based on the quality and the basic purpose for collar.Some cheap necklaces are only a limited number of levels s' draw. / P> Pressing button the collar does not always receive an immediate transmission.Sometimes there is a delay reaction.This is what you get very few dogs also use batteries collars.They juice any time, from May to short unless you have an offer in hand that can not continue training.
? When
stimulate your dog's neck can burned.This dog is a myth that the shock was a shock and does not harm the dog. Dogs redness on the neck of the banda is known as the pressure and just rubr neck is too long and too right.If you put anything on your skin for a long time and does not remove it, you 'll irritation and is no different with your dog.
? Take the collar
after training.
with an electronic dog collar should seek help from a dog trainer to show exactly the right wine for the right way to teach your dog to the stimulus and what that means. Training should always be done at a very low level. 
Another myth is that the collar and the correction will take away.The dogs spirit is exactly the truth, however, if you have a dog that has never been corrected before you see a change in them.It remains important to determine the temperament of your dog dog.Some not need anything more than the single mode of vibration and some require a higher level of understanding they have to listen.
children.Some if you think your children are near  a hot stove will never be closed again after being told to stay away, some will return and remain attractive, but it never, but has evidence of their parents until they get a penalty and others continue until they touch, and record, including participation have said not to do it.The last child was given a disk to correct the stove, because they do not want to listen to the first or second time, saying the penalty was a professor at the painful to the touch my guess  Mother was right. Some dogs are no different from his dog in May and is very sensitive and not go through the trash after you said no, others will follow the evidence and come to the other d Corbeil and the need for severe punishment.
? Once you determine your level of
dogs can be trained accordingly.

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