Friday, April 10, 2009

Secrets Revealed - Training a dog

Congratulations. You have a new puppy. Will soon have to deal with him in training. Want to be a docile and cute little dog that will take some work. Most people see a puppy at home when it does not include accidents at home two or three months. The first thing is to think outside of your puppy. Voulez you be in a calendar. We often take him away from Hester  after the nap, having played, and after he has his dinner. You must choose a location that is not too close to the door, but so far it seems impossible for him. If you walk around it or take some time to play with him after work, is required to report the good things. If you have an accident, take the towels used plimpiar our mess where you supposed to do their duty. This puppy  smell to help identify the place. You can also use words such as "Do your duty," when the dog did his duty. These words remind you of what is supposed to do. Make sure your puppy to the praise and applause when they did their duty. You can even offer you a price. You can give a small piece of meat from a piece of dog cookies. Want to congratulate you and offer you a fair price after doing its duty - that is a key para a successful puppy training. In this way he will understand he did a good job outdoors. Do not wait ANDOR in the pile of accolades and awards. You must put your puppy on a feeding schedule that is recurring. Puppies usually need to feed some three or four times each day. If you feed your Chiot the same time each day will be easier to follow a timetable for their elimination. This will make housetraining more enjoyable for the dos. Do not allow your dog to do his duty in his home. You should see all the time if you keep in it. Baby Gates a good way to keep track of. You should see the evidence he needs to go outside. It could make some or circle inhalation. If you see these siseñales also taken immediately. Praise him for his duty in a proper manner. Sometimes, when a puppy training keeps your dog in a confined area andn a small space. Will not make a mess. If more space is just enough for him to stand, lie down and turn. It anointing of your bathroom or laundry room. You can block a puertabebé or boxes. You can also try to train him in a box. After he was confined for some time, ensure that it fulfills its duty. It is hoped that their offspring will probably have an accident at home. It is customary for housetraining. If caught in the act, which  you can do something like a swish noise or a rag in the face. Then take place immediately. Praise if sde service. Try not to punish the puppy, if you have an accident inside. Simply cleaning. Do not bother rubbing your nose, yelling at him or do anything for you are afraid to do his duty in his presence - these negative actions will not help you train a puppy. Puppies do not include sanctions, but only a few seconds afters to complete the law wrong. It is more important to clean the place, fouling pecause puppies to keep the places that smell of urine and faeces. You and your puppy can have a relationship once you have the time to steal. It takes great patience and commitment. You can do this if the trust and confidence that your puppy. Will soon master the skills and boasts a beautiful dog. For more tips on homebreaking a Chiot I have provided some links below.

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