Monday, April 6, 2009

Puppy crates Training - Correct setup

training fund is one of the most effective, you can use to train your puppy to eliminate in accordance with the schedule you want. Of course, even an animal is wrong sometimes. But with commitment and discipline, you can save a lot of problems. Your new puppy interfere unnecessarily. Here's how you can configure it to form the cabinetation of their offspring. Step 1: Choose the right caissetaille. The cubs are very small creatures. The goal of any use of a box is to force your dog to learn to control your bladder. Dogs do not like to dirty their own natural resting place. So when a fund is not to urinate. Therefore, you have to choose the right size on hand for the training to be effective. A case that is too large defeats the purpose. Thedog has to eliminate in a corner, and relax and play in another corner. Too small and not good for the dog had. The fund is a training tool. Not intended to be a prison. Must be very comfortable for the puppy. Step 2: Setting up your cash. Note that the puppy will be spending several hours each day in the cage. Therefore, it must be as pleasant as possible for the animal. Otherwise, it will be difficultparamilitaries to enter the cage next door. Some use blankets, or paper materials in the cage. Line the box of toys to keep the puppy occupied. This is not to know who is in training. Also, remember to include a bit of water in the tank so that the dog can drink anytime. You need to make the experience as pleasant as possible for the case of learning on the job. Step 3: Start of formaciónción itself. If your puppy is still very josee, starting with the training of maintenance in the cage 1 to 2 hours maximum. You or a family member, should be about the puppy in the house to prevent separation anxiety. Let the dog know that someone is around. If the puppy begins to protest, not to give away. You just need a little time to adjust. As the dog ages, you can increase the duration of retention in the dog cage. This is because dogs have a greatera better ability to control their bladders, and not as often. Last advice: pay attention to deadlines! eliminated depending on your dog when he eats food and drinks, and their own age. The dog older, less enequent must be eliminated. You can cultivate good habits just by paying more attention when you eat the dog. If you have been with animalesel wrong time, you can make guesses and does not specify when the dog must hold.  

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