Friday, April 10, 2009

Tips for traveling with your dog

Travel with your dog can cause a short car journey or a trip of several thousand Alien miles. There is no doubt that your dog does not want to be left behind, no matter where your head. Sometimes it is practical, not just for your pet to accompany you. Let the journey is too far, is not capable of housing, holidays or not votarvolver dog - skis would not only be good. If êtes caringbecause your dog think of transport to be used. Restrictive rules and regulations? What about all the rules that apply to your stay? If you make sure you are getting your dog with you, here are some tips to make the whole thing work smoothly. [1] Get your dog used to go right at an early age. Comcomenzando with short trips. If your pet travel sickness, which will shorten the distance and height in the fieldino and take a walk or play a game. A series of trips of this type of training that will soon solve the problem. [2] If the trip is going to have long-term, stop frequently to allow your dog to go out and run around. Heat stroke is a major problem in dogs, not much less in a car, especially in hot weather. [3] Be sure to allocate an area of the cabin to his dogs and himself. This animal is the only place where all journeysis start and end. Dog harnesses that allow your pet bed is available, giving your dog the same kind of protection you and your family's safety belt. Dog Travel boxes must be taken into account. Not only are very useful but also safe and easy to remove. They are of all sizes to suit all breeds, making sure your dog can sit, stand, or simply relaxing meal. Most cases of dog simplements lie during the trip, travel and sleep. If you travel with your pet using publicles transport, examination of these 5 points. 1] Do you think your dog micro-chips. There is no doubt that this could save a possible confusion, pain, or even later. 2] The trains are generally dog friendly. But it might make sense to take your pet for a short train journey before embarking on a long. 3] There are rules for  pets on airplanes, and that change frequently. Therefore, make sure your knowledge of the latest version of them before booking. 4] yaquelques airlines that allow dogs to accompany you throughout the flight. Others must be placed in boxes and luggage compartment of the aircraft. If you or your pet can not bear being separated from each other - check before making a reservation. 5] Mostthe country would need some kind of documentation before they can enter. QIU sure of what is necessary, including the current vaccines are needed. Also check on any local rules and regulations that may apply to your pet. With a little planning, you can make traveling with your dog will be pleasant and safe trip for both.

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