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The Five foods not to feed your dog

How many of us have a beautiful image of the dogs and children with a child of a cone of ice cream with a dog? How many of us consider our dogs are an integral part of the family who share our birthday cake with them? Many of us digest food and love and food and well, when it comes to our animal enterprise, we believe thatif we share what we eat with our pets that we share with them our love and our best efforts to care for them. However, our dogs are not ready to eat the same things we eat. Although humans and canines dogs in front of us, we do not need a preponderance of meat in our diet. Although dogs are capable of eating a small amount of cereals and vegetables in your diet, not sharingour need for new green leaves and carbohydrates. In many cases, there is nothing wrong with sharing our food with our dogs. The absence of a need for a food does not mean that food is particularly harmful. In some cases, however, is unnecessarily dangerous to feed our pets. Here are five foods to avoid giving your pet. Chocolate

You should now be obvious to dog owners  chocolate is bad for dogs, but can not be stressed enough how important it is to actually eat them. One thing that makes chocolate so dangerous to your dog is gentle dogs love sweet things and do everything possible to consume large quantities of these items, like chocolate. Chemicals peligrososx is chocolate called "Theobromine". The chemical causes vomiting, diarrhea, rapid breathing, convulsions and even deathin dogs, so even a small amount that should be considered lethal. Even if the milk chocolate contains less theobromine in chocolate that contains the bakery, or be considered to give your dog. Raisins / Grapes

Grapes and raisins cause enrenal May your dog properly, even if in small quantities donnerfr. Like chocolate, the sweetness of grapes and raisins using dogs. However, unlike chocolate, it is not known what is ingrapes and raisins that make them so dangerous to dogs. Many dogs have no reaction to chemicals in the grapes to eat, despite a group of them, while others have an almost immediate reaction after eating a single raisin. Because raisins are dehydrated, which can create a higher risk because it is likely that what is contained in the grapes is concentrated in the drying process. Macadamia Nuts

macadamia nuts, a common ingredient in gALLETE and cakes, can have an effect on your dog muscles, causing weakness and tremors if consumed. The toxin contained in macadamia elNuez found in raw and cooked and dried fruit is also present in the pulp with macadamias. Salmon

Dog food for dogs with sensitive skin and stomachs sometimes contain salmon as one of its ingredients. There are also canned dog food that has salmon. Although these products are saferos for the dogs because of the way they are manufactured, salmon and fresh salmon from human secundariaNo is not OK for your dog. Salmon poisoning, characterized by infection with a parasite that attacks the digestive system of dog rickettsiae, can mimic the gastro-intestinal diseases. This shows symptoms of poisoning, including nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, dehydration and weakness. Commentjamais can be fatal if not treated. Catched well in advance, salmon poisoning can be treated successfully. Xylitol

Dogs do not know enough to avoid chewing gum after swallowing. An ingredient in the diet of sweets and sugar-free chewing gum, xylitol is very dangerous for your dog. If your dog eats a product containing xylitol, your dog is suffering from liver failure resulting in death. It only takes a small amount of xylitol to causeing a rapid fall in blood glucose levels due to excess insulin produced by the pancreas, the weakness in the limbs of your dog, vomiting or seizures. Without treatment, xylitol poisoning can lead to the death of his dog.

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