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How to control your dog to urinate or topic Excited

Who has not met a dog that pees in the queue when approaching them with the host?
This is called the submission urination or excited

What is the presentation or urination and excited by what it is? A "urinator issue" is a dog that can not urinate in a state of extreme excitement or stress - that is the sun itself to you in your furniture or your guestsresults!
Puppies are a perfect example of submission urinators. To urinate when they are happy to see you or when they are a stranger. But sometimes very shy and sensitive adult dogs may have the problem. It is very typical of a dog that has been abused to describe the problem. This issue can occur in many situations:

"When we meet, after a prolonged absence
- When playing
Where-When guests arrive
  There is a stress situation
home Criticizing or correcting
sounds like a storm or fireworks fireworks

But do not despair. It is not so difficult to solve this problem of presentation or excited urination.
First, the veterinarian to ensure there is no medical reason for the expedition. Diabetes or a bladder infection may have mismomi purpose. Then you can follow some simple steps:

c limit theirONSUMPTION water. This does not mean you should limit your intake, but if, for example, guests can expect, or you will soon have a meeting set to take his bowl of water out of a short time before the event occurs. -Do not make your house a great event. Upon arriving at the door, ignore it, go about your business and not have worked. In addition to being excited, the harder it is for him to control his bladder. I know I have problems por not a warm welcome to my baby, but you can always ignore the first language for a few seconds and calmly crouch and reception. -Keep in mind the importance of not yell or punish your dog when he has his "accident." Remember that you can not control and, more importantly, do not do on purpose. Upon arriving in one act to end it with a "no", and congratulate him when he stops, but never punished. Stay calm and understanding, no. -Chen fear the urine (bid) when scolding him for another reason, try to maintain the authority and firmness, but not angry. Note that in all likelihood, you're dealing with a sensitive, very nervous dog, so if you are angry or concerned, the problem worse vera. "When the problem is the noise of fireworks, they show a reaction of pets and for fear that not rewarding the behavior and training to repeatAnd do not want. You can try to make a match. When entendezune a thump, eg "to" do a search of game and give it a treat or a toy. You can also make any reply, noise, or he cooperaciónnfort. Dar
lower and residence, treatment and he is a good boy. Remember that when you have a dog, you must treat with respect and understanding. Almost every problem has a solution, and a poco patience, you can do so without the need for training. A few hours of work on a problem, I can give many years of fun with your best Hami.

If you have some good advice,you can post it after the passage,thanks.

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