Wednesday, April 8, 2009

To dye a big heart herbal dog

Shortly after surviving a self-injury, my right -- beloved Labrador mix, with luck, health warnings began to show unusual sit and stay in the same position for several minutes, as if he were uncomfortable, and then a series of background, the sound of coughing spasms. His appetite has also started to decrease, as well as its active ingredient in 8 years, andl nivelx activity. In my research, seem to have hver land. $ 50 after testing negative at the University veterinarian without suggestions on what my dog was suffering the next step was to find a skilled, experienced and well-veterinary trials. Thanks to the recommendation of a friend, who immediately took the opportunity and the good doctor listened to his heart, concludes that the problem is its coreason and an electrocardiogram was made and held a series of blood tests. The prognosis is that the enlargement of heart, a serious matter and not a roll-forward arrhythmia.Although (such as medical onset of heart disease may precede for many years without any indicator) we were instructed to take outside commercial dog food (high sodium) and nutrition animalmales of a low-salt diet of the specialty brand, and ladministration of a diuretic for fluid in the lungs and heart medications to keep the center to function effectively. This would ensure a normal life, even his usual high energy is likely to be reduced. Without these changes and additions, Lucky perish quickly, the doctor warned in one to three months. The identificaciónción my dog health problem is only half the battle. The cost of food imports for dogs the heart of drugs have been far beyond our ability.Combined what was going to run more than $ 300 per month! However, I began to make their meals with rice, carrots, garlic, parsley and mix with ground meat or chicken and sometimes (cooked) egg. The diuretic prescribed pills that were absolutely necess inflammation was caused swelling of his front legs and neck, fortunately, are cheap and readily available. A few months earlieris this, I took an herbal tinge of cold that attacked my lungs, I recalled how he worked. So I started giving the opportunity of a milliliter of medium twice a day and one day his cough greatly diminished, and within 2 days, which had stopped coughing completamenteción. But his heart was clearly working hard to keep him with us. His appetite improved immediately, but with great weight loss, rapid heart rate and constant lethargy, I knew I hadWe must address the issue of her heart as soon as possible. immediately contact the company dyeing natural herbal here in Costa Rica, which produced the herbal tincture lung. When I explained the problem, sinvacilación, master herbalist, Toni Norman suggested an herbal tinge Hawthorn Berry. In a few days gave Hawthorn and explained that he had been recognized as an effective product (of) the medical community to co heart problemsngestiva. Known as the "tonic heart of this herbal dye is recommended for heart irregularities, such as tachycardia and arrhythmias. Hawthorn Berry increase the flow of oxygen to músculocorazón and long-term use in May reversed essential hypertension. The most startling change has occurred in our HLE: Lucky abnormal breathing fire with his heart beat fast return to a state close to normal. The next morning,he wanted to do a tour, though still weak and tired from his ordeal, he began to show signs of her old happy self. It is less active than it was before it started, but now, when he returned, it seems that, even if it is really relaxing and emotions to life. Note: There are now more holistic vets, but not in Costa Rica. Please do your research before any kind of pasture for their animals, are not, in fact, the herbs that are toxicfor animals.

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