Monday, April 6, 2009

West Highland White Terrier Facts

Another cute beautiful animal that resembles a toy things is the West Highland White Terrier breed. This dog will not stand, according to statistics, usually grows to a height of 11 inches. Is not heavy, weighing only 15 to 20 pounds. It has a double layer, the layer is rough and the inner layer is dense and sweet - does not seem appealing, but it can be very pleasant uncapa tothe eyes of many. Despite the small building, this dog is very strong - it is very solid with thick bone structure and muscle around, especially the legs. The West Highland White Terrier erected and pointed ears and teeth that appear too big for her small head and circular. Like most small breeds of dog, this dog has a great pet for the average family. They are very affectionate and playful - you need to know about love  occasional walks in the park or simply drag the human companions in May where you go. One thing to keep in mind, while the exterior is to keep a leash - he does not like the sight of small animals and try to take the initiative if lucky. Having young children in the family can give birth to another problem. The West Highland White Terrier autoritariosde tend to be new, especially younger individuals, as small childrenchildren. Could play a little rough and hitting a child - someone could get hurt with bad dog behavior. Some people do not think this is something that worries, but if the dog hit his son on a flight of stairs? Or your brother tripped over him and landed in the middle of the road? The possibilities of the latter were extremely low, it is quite possible mila first. Despite the fact that abnormal behavior can be corrected through deep allegiance to  animal behavior and training, it is preferable to keep an eye on all around him the youngest. This animal loves the attention - it can not get enough of him. If it sees you or other family members spend more time with someone or something else, he had achieved jealous. Regardless of time pnuestros dogs do not do well to give you enough time will lead to other behavior problems. An attribute that is very interesting is how it can be territorial. Playing his toys could go crazy and try to resume. The same for your dog, and in some cases, owners of the man as well as (part of your property). What belongs to him alone. These are some problems that may or may not meet, but all of which can be eliminated by proper training and the right amounts of love and care. May take some time to be disciplined and obedient, but the sacrifice is undoubtedly very good. Good luck if  you decide to take a West Highland White Terrier, or if you already have one.

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