Saturday, April 11, 2009

Play is important for your puppy or dog!

game is also important for your dog as breathing and eating. To have a dog that is mentally and physically well developed, it is essential that the game is part of their growth process. In the absence of an opportunity to play either with people, other dogs, or even just playing with a puppy, a dog will not be fully desarrolladoe in an adult dog. The game is una very important need to produce a dog that is emotionally, physically, mentally and socially prepared to function as a socially acceptable adult dogs. The puppies learn to play to communicate with each other, learn to fight without hurting the other dog, who practice hunting techniques and have fun. There are two schools of thought on the puppy play. Some instructors believe queun pup must be at least 30 minutes of play each day. We believe qEU helps develop the brain of the pups, whereas the other school of thought believes that the puppy should receive training and direction as soon as possible to avoid the formation of bad habits. Playing the puppies? Puppies tend to jump around a form of activity to another with chewing, choking, trailer and the game is the leader in the fight against the forms of play. In many races, there are certain characteristics that stand out, egHunting dogs in the idea of stalking and hunting seems to be easy to observe. read avantsemble be an important way a dog communicates with another dog. Read this before the first is when the legs are in front of the calf and legs are in the air with a tail that moves or not. It is an invitation to enter into any crazy, I want to have fun. The muscles must be relaxed and loose, not tight and rigid. The book also explains the other pups before  / Dog if I accidentally kill or bite you, and am only sorry to mislead. play with the dog before the half I dess game. If the puppy / dog has a toy in his mouth, is an invitation to other hunting dogs and try to get the toy. Wrestling and oppressive during the game is a way for a puppy / dog to learn how to control his bite. If the puppy bites too hard continuum game in general, quit the game and the perror starts to bite learn a valuable lesson. Puppy game is fighting fantasy is a way to learn to fight and protect themselves, but also a lesson in control and to attract biting ferocity. Both the pinning May puppies get a game where we put the head or the body of a dog by another dog Rapport. Over the downtrodden can usually wiggle play, but you made a growling match with the dog starts to bentir dominant. In this case, you may need to separate owners of the puppies and get them to calm down. A sign of the play is loose and the muscles and joints move a lot, but a sign of stiffness in the joints and muscles may relate to a dog happier than at the beginning of May or a bagarre fight. In this case, redirecting the attention of dogs is necessary. Puppies / dogs do not have hands and, therefore, toshould do in the mouth. Puppy chewing is a way of life and is an important factor in its growth. As human beings into the equation, it is a good supply of toys for the puppy / dog to chew. Puppies behavior when you know the right to remain with her until he Lamadrid Littermates and they are at least 8 weeks to 10 weeks of age. Meanwhile, mother and brother and sister have the opportunity to correct any bad asfixia and bite. A tug of war is a game of puppies / dogs love to play, as it gives them a sense of resistance against the teeth and is beneficial to assist the development of the jaw and neck muscles. The use and the average age or bandana limp when puppy goes well let loose, is a way to take the dog to come back to play more. Be careful ages 3 to 6 months and not too strong as the puppy has teeth and can damages. It is suggested that you play with your puppy / dog at least 15 to 20 minutes per day and stop when the puppy / dog becomes tired or bored. Other things to consider to give your puppy / dog a lot of toys for fun. Do not allow your puppy to a year to jump on couches, beds or jumps in the agility of their bones are still fragile. Do not physically punish your puppy running on the ground or is behaving badly pinning downto play. Sometimes an old dog to be aggressive and play with your puppy can teach more than a growl or snap. Physical punishment is not necessary to teach all, a puppy or child. Puppies need to have new experiences and see new things for a dog to be socially acceptable. Do not force your dog to cope with all that fear. Addresses the use and praise the dog that thunder, the children screaming in fear or toutechose apparently has noin fear. And most importantly let your puppy / dog has at least 30 minutes of play each day, entertainment is good for us all. Be happy and enjoy sue dog and you'll have a friend for life.

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