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Heat and dogs

dogs have a very strange evolutionary flaw: they do not have the ability to sweat. Just as a very sensitive horse's stomach can lead to its demise, a dog of the physical disability of cool himself, or to recognize when it is over-heating, can lead to dangerous complications. Dogs cool from the bottom up. This means that the fastest way to cool a chis is cooling  the abdomen or genital area. Therefore, during the hot summer lundiTHS, a dog that often, which is in a hole he had dug into the earth acts as a cooling system to remove heat from the dog below. Some dogs are prone to heat stroke, and suffer more easily and more often than others, especially the large breeds of dogs and cats with short snout like mastiffs, Pugs and Boxers. The heat can be fatal cuellopin all dogs, so prevention is extremely important. Important steps to help prevent are:

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Cold water is better. May some people use their dog frozen blocks of water in a large bowl which helps keep the water cold fusion as possible. Furthermore, water your dog should be changed regularly because many dogs hacerno drink dirty water, even when they are victims of heatstroke. Slow or restricts the exercise

On hot days, it is necessary to restrict their activity level of the dog. The dogs are not able to make their own and often in excess of or more game to the point of heat exhaustion and heat stroke. Allow your dog the exercise slowly, and remove to a cool place. fresh domains Your dog should have access to shade at all times and should never be exposed to the sun. Humidityplays an important role in this regard. Your dog can perish in these circles as a car, a conservatory, an attic or in a given period. Air conditioned and well-shaded areas are the best. Furthermore, never in her dog kennel cage or a box of plastic closed. Only son in a kennel. Even in cool weather, a large Chien can increase the temperature inside a plastic cage very quickly simply by issuing the breath and body heat.Be aware that your dog can suffer from heatstroke while in the water. In fact, swimming requires significant energy expenditures and, therefore, a heat stroke in the water is not uncommon. your dog cool when the first signs of heat stroke. The signs may be all or part of the following:
  • Excessive shortness of breath profuse salivation gums and dry mouth < li> Hyper-ventilation weakness or fatiguea Confusion vomiting or diarrhea, sometimes with blood

    If your dog displays these symptoms, or recognize other signs that attached to a heat stroke, it is necessary to begin treatment immediately. Start with your dog to a cool place. If you can take the temperature, you use a rectal thermometer. Temperatures around 105-106 are serious. Temperatures to 107 or more to be seen as a critical emergency that threaten lto life. Once you have removed your dog a cool place for further treatment by immersing your pet in a tub of cold water or spray lightly with a hose. If your dog is the temperature over 106, or submit signoss confusion or weakness, then you need to administer an enema of cold water to cool the internal temperature of the dog. If your chiennécessite emergency medical treatment in May of this involves an injection of cortisone, a dogand often experiencing a heat stroke will be very swollen throat. The most important thing to remember when treating your dog for heat exhaustion is to prevent panic, prepare and keep fresh!

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