Friday, April 10, 2009

How to stop your dog barking Today

In many cases, the dogs bark when they have absolutely nothing else to do. When dogs feel the lack of attention, which in May to act and behave badly. Several times, we want to behave, instead of being firm with them, tend to give in and give them what they want. This teaches them that this behavior get the care they wish. It is important for us to learn howappropriate to address these behaviors and ee good way to teach our dog that this is unacceptable. The first thing that your dog must learn is that if it is barking to the attention of their owner, is not acceptable. Some believe that dogs, even if you are angry, frustrated and start shouting that it is better than no attention at all. However, this is not how to train those who are is what you want. You'll have to say what you mean andreinforce this with something you do not like. If you tell him as "quiet" and reinforced with a spray of water, this is known as negative reinforcement, where the dog learns to associate words with action. Therefore, if you do this, he will come to expect that this word will be followed by an action does not like or has stopped barking. Later aproximadamenteva to remain silent on their own when this happens, you can arrange for your peace of action  is acceptable. However, if you find that your dogs barking is accompanied by a grognementd looking as if it bites you in May, you may not want to threaten or negative reinforcement, and place in May want to consult a professional or your veterinarian. Many times when people go outside to work or to dinner and leave behind the dog, the barking dog in May. However, to keep to a minimum, that d MayESEA make sure you have what you need when you leave. Make sure you have food, water and an ideal place to relax, make sure you do not see others as they may excite him. Another way to stop barking is to praise the dog when he did nothing to deserve. Alguiene thing to teach, but to congratulate him for all this activity, very few resources. He knows that he will praise anyway. When he did what he asked, tap, and let them know that you thinksa is a "good dog" but not go over your praise. This shows that to win the praise he has to do most of the activity commended. Alsi want to give something fun to do when salgaez, give food, toys to chew and to ensure that others can not see while you're away. Use positive reinforcement and negative dog with you, from the negative. So when he learned of the company and the fact, then you can tranquiWe only praise the action.

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