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Training to overcome his excessive barking dog

All dogs bark for a variety of reasons. That the crust in response to a threat, whether real or perceived boredom as a result of being alone, the enthusiasm for reading, draw attention or in response to another form of stimulus, for example, the telephone rings. In other words, a dog barking is part of a comunicaciónunicación to be better understood in relationshipNo other signals, such as dogs of a person such as body language. After hearing a dog barking is very natural, and therefore to a large extent, a dog that barks obsessively, not only causes great stress to their owners, but can become a larger social problem, which leads worn to the relationship between the parents and friends and in some cases, a actividadsobre lawsuits against dog owners. obsessive barking is often a sintoma of an underlying problem and therefore not before helping your dog overcome this problem, it is important to address the reasons for the barking first. The frustration and stress can be a major cause of barking, especially because a dog that spend too much time or just do not get enough exercise and mental stimulation. SiCree you that this may be the cause of their constant barking dogs, and then periodically adjusted to the daily exercise of las needs of your dog, play harder, such as "seek" and "pursue an agreement", for example, should remedy the problem. This is particularly true for the working breeds, for instance, and Boarder Collie German Shepherd. separation anxiety or excessive to be left alone can cause your dog to develop a problemaLeme bark constantly. To help your dog to try to make both outside and return smoothly as posible. For starters, when you are ready to leave home, do a good 20 minutes before departure. In preparation for not allowing your dog or make eye contact with him, keep going about their normal activities. When you're ready to let not say goodbye, leave in silence. The event dee Similarly, there is talk to your dog, sit and after a few minutes of silence to call your dog and your pet him gently and calmly. The key is to understand sdog or no problem with you, to come and go. When your dog should have the idea, and the barking should dissipate naturally. If neg bark obsessively to stimuli such as the phone rings or the sonnet for instance, try to teach commands like "talk" and "calm", for example. To attach it to your dog in the head in order to have more control over it and try to touch the doorbell when your dog hears the sound of the bell and starts to bark, give  the "talk" to wait a few seconds and then give the command "quiet" If the crust, its advantage over the tug, the tug headed PCOM must be a punishment, but to break the barking of dogs in assembly. When he answered calmly, praise him and give him a treat profusely. Continue practicing this exercise until your dog can talk and keep silent about your order. In some cases, a dog barking can lead to the dominationor aggression, because it is very territorial. May this be because of his personality, race or type, for example. If this is the case with votaciónvolver dog, try to manipulate the indexes that are barking behavior. If your dog is barking when he hears how the person gets mail delivery, for example, try to put in another room, before your mail is delivered. If your dog has the characteristics of the garden fence when a stranger passesRemove the garden together. If there is no reason to bark, and then barks out the undesirable course unaespués a short period of time. Many owners have their dogs, especially toy or miniature varieties often their dogs are becoming a voice very careful to get their attention. To counteract this unwanted barking, point blank refuse to be manipulated by the behavior of your dog. When thedog barks to get your attention, simply turn their backs on him and refuses to respond until he calms down. When it calms down, give him a treat. Again, try to teach him to "talk" and "quiet" command. Sometimes poor health may be the cause behind excessive barking of dogs, arthritis and problems with teeth and ears, can provide the leadership unexpela episodes of barking, especially if the dog is getting old. If you think you may bethe cause of their problems with dogs barking, an appointment with your veterinarian prontocomo as possible to check the health of their dogs.

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