Friday, April 10, 2009

Health Maintenance Border Collie

Border collies are very active and hard working dogs. They are often used on farms to help animals, therefore regarded as the best in the world of dog breeding ewes. Nobody can doubt his ability to stock all kinds of animals - sheep, cattle, poultry freedom, pigs and ostriches, to name a few. Some grazing enstinct so strong that they tend to herd of man in particular to children. Border Collie training cun do the work it would take about three people can do. However, for their hard work and loyalty, what they ask in return? Nothing but the head of pure love and care, right? Therefore, owners must master the art of caring for their fur. Vaccination. Although some people may say that Vaccexamen nor if necessary, it is always good to know that your dog is protected against various diseases. Vaccinate your dog at the time to do it and get regular booster shots. Vaccination can be scheduled every six months or every year, ask your veterinarian about this. Food and nutrition. The diet plays an important role in the lives of border collies. To be able to get back mejoresresultados at work, they should be given food con high quality products. Check the ingredient list and make sure the first ingredient is meat, fish, eggs and certain types of meat or fish meal. Some dog owners prefer food for dogs. Remember to include the 40% meat, 30% vegetables and 30% starch. To be sure, ask your veterinarian about this. Toilet. The inodorotaje of a pet is not just for cosmetic purposes. This is a way of keeping animalsthem happy and healthy. Border collies have moderate coat requires brushing two or three times a week to prevent tangles and mats. Bathing should be done only when necessary to prevent the coat becomes dry and brittle. The use of shampoo created especially for dogs is also desirable. Cuándohigiene remember devérifier your dog's ears, eyes, skin, nails and teeth. You should also find parasites, cuts, wounds or infections and treat them before  to worsen. Training. Border Collie dogs are very intelligent and can cause many problems if you are bored and not properly trained. Socialization should begin about three weeks old. This includes social research and playful fighting. They can also be trained to perform in agility competitions, and several tests for the breeding of dogs for sport. Exercise. Border Collie should be exercised twice daily for approximatelyyou 30 to 45 minutes per session. However, exercise is not enough to keep this breed exudes energy. It must have work, but not necessarily the farm or other works. Elcaza and play frisbee or recovery of the ball are considered by the working Border Collie.

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