Friday, April 10, 2009

The Things You Need to Know About Dog Treat

Every time you feed your pet with a dog, which was certainly holds its tail moves into pure delight. What a beautiful sight, especially when it has a cute puppy. Dog is usually on hand during training, obedience, because it maintains the attention to your dog. These are very well received by your pet esniega it is a mere witness or adelicious cake. And because your dog likes you too would do everything they can happily. But have you ever wondered if your act is your puppy healthy? Are you sure that the treatment you have bought your pet store is good for your puppy? Perhaps you have been convinced by their attractive labels and flashy ads. A product with an image unperro happy to eat their food should not be the sole basis for the purchase. You should be aware of purchaseor. You should consider all of the ingredients used, in May or you do not know, but you are poisoning your pet a little every day. Being a good landlord. Certainly you do not eat or buy anything that can give you side effects. The same principle should be followed with respect to their welfare. The quality of treated dogs must not be the only consideration, but also the quantity. Remember that everything that is in excess is never good, even if  your dog at home and trafficking are the ingredients of excellent quality. There efles negative effects such as constipation and stomach by his beloved dog. That should be your goal is to make a pet happy and healthy. Do you give your dog trataperro at any time of day? Or when it suddenly became ill during training which is used as a bribe? Each case should not be encouraged because supercharged May. Avoid giving bocadilat any hour of the day, because your pet can lose their appetite for real food. A number of dogs is concerned, at any time of day can be the equivalent of a full meal without comment. This could change your pet of digestion and excretion. And in the worst case scenario, could be the leader of your dog obesity. Of course, you know that obese animals developed some health problems that could be fatal. For tanto, it is advisable to reduce the dog question. This does not mean you do not like your dog is the most quite the contrary. You must gradually while, in particular, is the hábitoe have many appetizers. Try to twice or trice a day in small portions. Tell other family members about this program to be effective. Otherwise, the purpose of an animal healthy and happy. And if you eat to avoid transmitting the block of table  notes, because it is tantamount to human trafficking. The key here is simple: the quality and quantity of treated dogs must be adequate to keep his dog form.

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