Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Hope For disobedience Dog

One morning, I watch the news and a dog came to the discipline. The program has four dogs disobedient to Washington DC dog training in the hope of converting animal refining. Each dog was treated separately and taken through a series of exercises. One thing they did was use the clicker dog training. When entrenadorutiliza a command, he or she at the same time  use the clicker and the dog obeys a traitét. Finally, if the dog heard a click that command. These dogs have made such progress that he was surprised. Everything was a villain in and pulled out a gem. If there is evidence for this show, my dog, it would have been no questions asked. Jesse, my dog, and I have a very complex relationship. As it appears, takes the "trousers" of the family. Dogs can not creoque wearing pants, but Jesse showed me differentte. Jesse is a diva at all levels. I've lost count of the times I slept on the couch because he had the whole bed. A pillow that I have to be tested and approved by him first, and if you like, you can choose to take for themselves. Jesse understands himself to taste-test every meal, or if I can do. I have tried to reform Jesse to the best of my abilities. Elborracho I started with my brother in law, called Good Dogs make good teachers. I have followed andhis book to the "t", the Child Lock my kitchen, making an impact on the systems of things, but does absolutely nothing. Jesse was just smarter all. I was at a loss. So I went to my vet. The veterinary advice me to correct the bad behavior in animals is "idiot proof". Well, of course, my dog is a genius or a donkey. Jesse parecíaespera resistant to any kind of correction. This seems to be my last hope. If pedogs can turn a few people shouted violently eaten furniture and I was convinced it could help Jesse. After all, harmless Jesseest heart, never hurt anyone. All you need is a little hard or a lot. After watching the special again, I found the Internet to find out how I could join Jesse in a programame. The new website was actually a contest where ten people can win the opportunity to foster dogs forrmación DC. Normally I am not one of the competitions, but I have hope. Three weeks later I received a message on my mobile phone from a dog in Washington, DC facility. I almost forgot that even participated in the contest, which was a big shock. Jesse went to the training center for both weeks, on Thursday, ready for work. In the meantime, Jesse had tracks and controlled by the veterinarian for the sake of posterity. Now that is presentable, I am a liabilityand Jesse in the back of my truck, even if it moves quickly to the front and went to DC In the end, Jesse was a new dog. She sat in the rear of the house, lying on his bed chienr for the first time and began a new regime of power cerohumanos.

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