Friday, April 10, 2009

Tips for your new puppy names

Short and Sweet

Dogs respond best to one and two syllable. As many as you want, in May the name of your dog 'Obi' Wan Kenobi "would be much happier with the" Yoda. "Short sounds are more distinctive of the dogs and easier to remember. If you shorten a long name when you call for your puppies. Avoid similaires Sounds

When you name your dog, make sureavoid names that sound like commands, as the seat, residence, and no. This will only confuse your dog. Want to come to you or you want to sit? A dog is an unhappy dog to help around the world and do a test before their baptism the new name rhymes with dog

Are you afraid to say in front of your mother?

Do not name your dog is not something embarrassing to say out loud, how you feel when your puppy is to perrors in the classroom or the playground? It is a name of your dog to take a good ten to fifteen years, and is stuck with him too. Stick with something soft and delicate. Of course, under these guidelines, there is not much leeway! It is not a name your dog, as the obvious "spongy." Personallement, I have a "male" and "Taco." Take the characters in the books, super heroes and historical figures and the names of your own! Enjoy the learning process of the personality of itsdog and appellationlui accordingly.

If you have some good advice,you can post it after the passage,thanks.

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