Friday, April 10, 2009

Revealed - How to Stop Puppy Biting

Puppies use their mouths and to learn about the world, in many cases this at choke. Flavors, tastes, and the feeling can be discovered and dogs can quickly learn what they do and are not similar. And bite problems and quell all the puppies, however, should be taught that this behavior is wrong. Step 1 - Be Alfaun dog

The first thing we must do is be in Alpha Dog. I list below a summary of Labro you can do to make sure it's the Alpha Dog. going through the door first - always

The puppy should always eat last. Management of disobedience, however, happens. Ask your dog where it passes on its way - do not walk around it. Never let your dog sleep in your bed. Rough play encourages suffocate if they should avoid. Do not allow play hard type of behavior or fighting competition from games such as tug of war. Your dog bites contret encourage stifle and confuse your dog. It can not be drowned in a time and not another. If your dog bites you - ignore them. When you have killed your puppy, a loud noise to show pain. Immediately after you stop playing with your dog and give absolutely no attention for 15 minutes. This teaches your Cachoraros that stifle the party ends. Start unacceptable. When you take the dog food from your hand, do not tolerate. Immediately turn the back of their offspring and do not give food to more than five minutes. After 5 minutes, return to your dog and try to provide new alimentaciónItur. First your dog, and then sit down slowly to the donation of food. If you still have the bits you need to repeat the process. Finally, his dog andntenderá that theft is not good. Stick to a routine

As with any teaching dog things, consistency is a real key. You must make a decision that conscientesion bites are not accepted, then every rule. Permitirsu dog / puppy to bite once, but do not confuse it with others. To learn more about how to train a puppy / dog, not to stifle and low (as well as many other useful information), click on the link belowo.

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