Monday, April 6, 2009

Problems of the bladder of dogs - How to deal with them

Are you tired of the recurrence of bladder problems that your dog is through dog? Might have gone through the long cycle and often the only veterinarian for diagnosis and treatment of disease of dogs. Bladder problems are common in dogs and can be repeated several times, even after treatment. This happens if the root of problemaLeme  does not stop. Canine bladder problem can be caused by several reasons, including infections, fungi, viruses and bacteria. Often, the cause of urinary tract infection is the accumulation of bacteria in the bladder of dogs. When bacteria accumulate in the urinary system of dogs and are not removed or eliminated, which can cause an infection. If ignored, the infection can spread and infect other parts of the urinary tract, including the bladder. In some cASOS, the cause of the bladder is the formation of struvite crystals or stones in the bladder of dogs. These stones can block urine flow, causing inflammation of the bladder and urethra. The symptoms of all types of infections in dogs, including bladder problems are identical. All are symptoms like blood in the urine of dogs, odor of urine, dribbling of urine, painful urination, constant licking of the genitals, they tend to urinate, incontinence, and productionsmall amounts of urine. In some cases where infection has reached advanced sonstade the dog in May of not being able to urinate. In this case, the dog needs medical care as soon as possible. Dogs are unable to urinate, and are not medical in May did not live more than 72 hours according to experts. The dogs can not urinate in mayoser caused by serious infections in the bladder or blockage of the urethra. If left untreated, the bladder can be  filled with urine and rupture. It is a very dangerous situation for the dog. Dealing with problems of dog bladder may not be easy for dog owners. Often, the owner of dog experiencing episodes of headaches and anxiety over the situation of the dog. Dogs are like children who need constant care atencióny. Dog owners in May of constant concern for the condition of the dog. If your dog suffers from dog bladder problemsor, the first thing you can do is put the dog to the vet. Your veterinarian can perform the necessary medical procedure to save his dog from further damage. Dependtion the severity of infection, the veterinarian gave the dog in May of antibiotics or to perform surgery and medicinaotras operations. If the dog is through medication and hospitalization, may be able to recover in a few weeks after that you may be able to take home. It is importantportant to keep calm in all circumstances when the dog suffers a crisis of infection and discomfort. Keep calm can help you to reflect on ways to mitigate the problems of dog. After the dog has gone through the diagnosis, you can ask the veterinarioción if it is safe for you to give the dog a dose of homeopathic remedy. Homeopathic remedy can help your dog recover more quickly. Additionally, you can encourage your dog to generatel and general health, prevention of recurrence of infection. Regardless of the problems in May that affect the health of your dog, stay calm and concentrate. Enter a panic that does not help a bit. Treat the problem as if the life of your dog depends on his decision.

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