Friday, April 10, 2009

Make money by breeding dogs

not breeding dogs to make you a millionaire in fact, to make a comfortable life of it will have to cut corners so that the result is that the pups suffer. No doubt there are many current reproduction, and there is no research on the Internet more than 120,000 per day for dogs and breeders, but does not separate the best players to make money breeding a perro. breeding dogs should be on developing the race. A very good keeper of dogs are not motivated by the idea of making money. Breeders should not do to win the ring at the top show dogs. Instead of being in the competition and win a great victory or a big winner, you must be careful about the gradual improvement during the racing time. In short - it is in the interest of us all when it comes to protecting a breed genetica development. breeding dogs is not an easy task. Although perhaps a bit of fun for lovers of dogs, some owners are worried about the hard work and costs involved, when well done, and responsible care for the mother and litter. In fact, some say that breeding dogs is not really a proposal if it is money well. Health care for mother and pups including courses of injections neededias for all the puppies, the diagnosis of problems that occur and test the quality of the father and the dog food, facilitésbilités supply, heating, fees, advertising, etc. are costly and must be paid before the pups can be sold. For the dogs, obviously consideradolejos can be considered as an easy task. There are also many critics in time to take care of things during the course of breeding dogs, so the  farmer must be a good manager. A new layer of dispute also exists when we think of making money with a dog for breeding. The issue of agriculture is considered unethical animal right. But in the real world, and the application of common sense, not much of reflexiónexion to realize that it is the dog breeder to ethical practice in the conduct of its business. Setting and all puppies must meet in order that, for puppies and for estar in solid form and in good health is a science. It is also difficult to discipline. But apart from that there should be a high demand for trial is said to be a combination of art and science. For example, all dog breeders have knowledge in genetics to provide the specimens in the world and a deep understanding of what makes the overall health of their dogs. The best people to produce dogs that many people like to keep the age adulta are the persons who is a good hobby, not a livelihood. I would even say that a business is a farmer who lives on dogs and their welfare costs in order to maximize their profits. breeding dogs is not a task that must never be taken lightly and should never be done for the wrong reasons. If you're in it for the money, then ask him to stop now. Let the rebuilding of our canine friends to the dedicated fans who son approved by the clubs of his cage and know exactly what to do, and how the spirit is not about the cost of veterinary bills when necesarioira to handle things that go wrong.

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