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Separation Anxiety dog

What is separation anxiety? This dog is a term used to describe the bad behavior when your dog is left alone. The dog may be destructive, noisy, and concerned about the issue, which disturbs the neighbors, destruction of objects in the house or in the same night. Separation anxiety is a reaction to stress to your dog if it is altered or stressed in their owners to leaver alone with strangers or alone at home by themselves. Some dogs are more sensitive than others to separation anxiety. Some behaviors of your dog in May of exposure you need to recognize, but perhaps not limited to:

decreased appetite, vomiting
defecation or urination in the house and
agitation rate < br> Trying to escape the profusion
Panting excessive whining or barking

Hide aggressive behavior

Not all  dogs with separation anxiety is the experience of all these behaviors. You may experience some of these behaviors in a small state or the experience of May in a serious unsafe condition. It is important to recognize one of these behaviors in your pet when you leave your pet for a period of time by himself. Once recognized, is the treatment for this condition. Contact voveterinario to assess the health of your dog. Medicineyour veterinarian can recommend you. Stress is not good for any dog, which is essentially what triggers the bad behavior. The stress of separation and own dogs. There are other ways to help your dog with separation anxiety through proper training of puppies and dogs. Always remember to focus on positive reinforcement when training your pet. Help promote a more relaxed, reward your pet with their treatmentasbestos or toys. Do not shout or scold the dog for unwanted behavior, as this only adds to its dogy anxiety and stress. Positive reinforcement is the key to your overall health and dog behavior. Récompenseseulement calm behavior. Do not reward the dog when dog is hyper or stressed out because it only indicates that this behavior. Use care, affection, trafficking dog, favorite toys, belly rubs, and others to care for your dogto reward quiet behavior and acceptable. In general, when leaving your pet is not making the situation very stressful and exciting. Do not continue talking to the dog to stop. Who think Compagni tell your pet to be a good boy or girl, or will soon be home, is to moderate your dog. Rather, what your dog is anxious and excited that we are trying to avoid. Just before leaving, you can give your dog a toy or his favorite, but as  a distraction immediately leave the door quietly. When you get home you do not have the dog excited about talking out loud or too happy to be yourself. Wait for your pet to calm down and give it the attention and reinforce good behavior. Repression of their favorite toy and put in place for additional periods of training. Remember the favorite toy is a reward for good behavior. If the toy is authorized to be readytion of the dogs when he wants, then the benefits no longer works. A good way to help your dog to move the separation anxiety is to teach your dog to move in a certain place, if a dog box, a corner with a dog bed, or cover a favorite at home. This will allow the dog to have a secure retirement or left at home alone. Also teach the dog is a safe place for him when others are home and quand need to rest. Despite the training, by rewarding your dog with him to strengthen positive outlook can improve the health of your pet and help eliminate or at least control the behavior in case of separation from the experience of its owner. Separation anxiety is common in dogs and is treatable. This article is not a panacea for this disease and it is recommended that any dog owner to suspect that your pet is experiencing separation anxiety buscar help from your veterinarian for unatratamiento.

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