Saturday, April 11, 2009

Papillon - The Butterfly

Papillon breed originating in France, why the name given to this dog is a term french. Translated into English it means "butterfly" - a beautiful flying insects with complex models, such as the beauty of silk. This happens to be very descriptive of this dog, because clearly the two specimens are fun to watch. The coat of a Papillon is long and silky, coming in with colorblancopatches of other colors as bmanque, red, beige or orange. Sounds like a butterfly, right? Are too small, weighing 9 to 10 pounds, and the position of 8 to 11 inches. The Papillon is a very nice (with the majority of human beings), affectionate, and independent. These animals are very smart, which facilitates the training of dogs, which is not common to all races. Playing with the owners and lala family is something she loves - she has a lot of resistance qt want to be able to exercise. Do not underestimate the ability of this dog is small, but it can handle the things you do not think you can do. Whether walking, jogging, or taking the light works, it is a party. A problem behavior that is in May with the Papillon is too possessive. This small animal has Tendana time to keep what belongs to itself. The exchange can be a problem, especially if you have another pet of the casa. Another is the unttention go - if not enough or if the opinion is given more time for someone else is jealous, which could result in more behavior problems. It can also be led to doubt the intentions of other friends and visitors. Will respond to that by not stop ladrar.No worry, however, with appropriate training for all these problems can be fixed, regardless of age - but it is better to start at the same time a puppy, so quand teaching and disciplinairesdoublure, but not so hard. If you play your cards right, you will be able to make a great watchdog, that the bark of the presence of foreigners and stop him. A good collection includes Papillonsocialización - who is thoroughly familiar with the other animals and humans. This is very important for this race, but your pet will be constantly fighting dogs and bark at every sound he hears or less familiarI prospect. Therefore, for their own interest and in saftion your pet to socialize. The compact design makes this ideal dog for the interior life. Their fur is long, but it is not surprising that many migrantesles. grooming dogs require daily brushing and bathing once a week - it's that simple. Because of their instinctive behavior, it is not recommended for apartment life, unless you have completely removed the barking problem. When outdoors, asegúrese to keep a leash and collar him - which tends to run out of control, mainly wuand is overcrowding in the house long term. In that spirit, after having established strong fence around the property will be needed to keep racing.

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