Sunday, April 5, 2009

Introduction of Dog Agility Training

Quite simply, if you're looking for a fun activity to enjoy with your dog in a friendly atmosphere with lots of like-minded people, and has the advantage of keeping you and your pet fit - dog agility is certainly due to the formation to the top of your list! Once you've tried agility training - can become very addictive. Pour those who have absolutely no idea what that training is the dog agility, maybe the best way to explain it is to make an analogy with the horse must jump to jump over the different types of obstacles in all good condition, and within a specified period. Try it, just for fun at home with your pet to begin with - a stick to create a few jobs in your lawn. (Sorry, I apologize AUPasi all proud gardeners césped in advance, but we can and dogs have also spent many gardeners. I know that this applies to me.) See if your dogs enjoy it, another idea is to put a phone in the grass and see if they like to jump. Do not do anything else, your pets, safety comes first ... which are two the needs of professionals before proceeding. Aussi remember agility you need first to be in full control ofyour dog at all times, whether obedience basic needs are top of your list. If you like to do both the agility to find a club - you're sure to find someone among the people in your dog knows the dog agility training is conducted (Otherwise a try a search on the Internet or your local library, but a personal recommendation is always best ... after all, can come with some useful tipsthem).

Visit the club or clubs, which is recommended, and then decide that you prefer and ... so why not join? And who knows how far we can go! If you and your pet and progress within your club, you could, in time, represent your club at regional agility tests. So if the unthinkable happens and you win, suclub can advance to the national final, and might even go to the competition to Crufts Agility Trials. Is enormous, and cada again, the public hearing of the love of dogs - many of them find agility, flyball, obedience, and so fascinating to watch. This dream is for first marriages (and owner of the dog) at the top clubs - and it is not necessary to aim at this stage to get loads of fun and benavantages of ungilité. Basically, agility training pet is a fun way to exercise for animals and owners. It is a very sociable and enjoyable sport and a way to spend time with people who are on the same wavelength puppy. You and your dog / dogs can go away for a weekend together at different clubs agility competitions are organized throughout the country. Many of the competitors hanur own caravan, and attend regular meetings and camps, the agility of a series of tests that take place throughout the year at various clubs incountry.

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