Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Help Your Dog Stop Barking - Tips to make your dog does not bark

can be frustrating when the dog barks for control and searching for a solution may seem impossible. I understand that dogs bark for a reason, and in many cases it is just protecting you. If you have a dog chasing cars and barking their appearance without reason, just because they feel threatened by their seguridadseguridad. Is natural, but they are just dogs, it is important desavoir that with some modifications, can help your dog feel more comfortable not to bark at any point of view. The first thing you need to do is create a word that can identify your dog to bark. For example, you can tell your dog to speak so that they know that it is normal for him to bark. It is always a good ideausted has a reward system for your dog understands what is acceptable to do. In  Meanwhile, you can teach your dog when it is time for the crust, they can feel safe. It may take some time for him to learn, but once you fill your dog must understand better the situation. Remember that teaching your dog stops barking to see what they are not difficult to fare. Want to know when is the right time to bark and when not. Create a word which may mean it will be your best barkoption.

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