Monday, April 6, 2009

Training your dog - The only thing you need to do

Scratch any dog deep enough and is a wolf . From Pomerania to Great Danes, who are all sub-species of gray wolf. Science tells us that people like the wolf domesticated 100,000 years. The numerous breeds of dogs we see today are the result of selective breeding wolf stocks during the past 12,000 years. The purpose of lobosnt animalsand have a strict social hierarchy in their society. Only lesalpha alpha male and female race, and are very protective of their space. During the hunt, the wolf shows the alpha channel. The alpha wolf is free to approach any of the wolf in the pack in any way you choose. It can take a picture of this problem even though our dogs. When you return to your dog and nuzzles you or jumps on you, it was not nice - that exeICE dominance. Dogs are not human beingss. Misinterpretation of their behavior is the main cause of the misbehavior of your pet. If the dog is registered ENEE you please, is the role of alpha, and subject. The dog thinks it can make your territory as it sees fit and to exercise a dominant position as long as necessary. It is quite simple to correct this behavior - ignore your dog when it comes to you. Yes, even to play. The dog manwill approach you and you ignore it. When the dog finally gives up and will be, then you can approach your dog or pet to play with him. The important thing to remember is to do in their terms, not yours. This may seem cruel, but it is not. The dogs are happier when they understand their role at home. There can be a letter from the Danish stock market, and that to you. When your dog accepts you as the alpha, training your dog is muand easy. If not, you can never train your dog.

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