Friday, April 10, 2009

How to House Train Your Puppy Quickly

We all love our puppies. They are cute and cuddly, funny and entertaining. We have virtually every aspect of a new puppy owner. Except for one thing we all must face, the house training. House training can be the most frustrating part of a new puppy parent. But the fact of the matter is, your puppy is just a baby. Do not expect to find no faut cHow to control yourself and go where ever and whenever you want. Everything depends on you, the new puppy owner, puppy to understand your needs, physiology, behavior and ability to learn. The first time you bring your puppy home, you must be vigilant about what to see and take regularly. After 12 weeks of a puppy in May need to go out as often as every 15-20 minutes during the day and time of play. A puppy resting  can last an hour or more, and hopefully start your puppy sleep at night, you can jump to 8 hours. Activity creates the urine when the puppy is playing and romping to go more often. A 12-15 weeks of age, you can not expect to have to tell your puppy that it is time to leave, which is beyond its current level of understanding. C "is to ensure that the new puppy owner responsible for their needs and spend time and energy to teach until  that is old enough to control himself and learned enough to communicate with you. So when your puppy home for the first time, you need to take in May to more than 2-3 times per hour. Using a leash and take it wherever you want to do their duty and be very boring. Know that your puppy needs is not the time or place on smell, touch and explore. It's time to be serious and finishing business. Use a command like "Pottet now," "veility "or" squeeze. "It is also useful to use different commands for different needs, for example," potty now "a piss and shit now" for defecation. The words we use are not important, but it is very important to be consistent. In addition, the training, you must repeat the command and more until it does. two to develop a habit very quickly and you will not need to say once and will do so. Traintion potty is the only time you should repeat the command while  train your dog. After your puppy to the elimination of tasks, reward him with the treat, praise and even a bit of reading. When

activemrente not playing with your dog every time you're out, you must use a credit union. This will also help you with your training. By nature, dogs are den animals. They need the security of a small house of their own. A case of giving them space for their own bathroom and a small room of theford or simply not be the same. Furthermore, by its nature, dogs tend to keep their own zpropia a puppy and is not usually the reason for their own space. A case of aid to learn to control himself. An example will help to ensure that your puppy does not develop bad habits and you will have a happy dog. You will also be aware that your puppy is safe and happy when I finished autreschoses and can not be low. First, he or she can  quite noisy segurocuenta cage with a blanket or a soft pillow and a toy to chew and not respond to fussing at him and quickly adapt to their new home in the cage. In short, your puppy is fully trained and have developed both the communication you need to eliminate accidents in the house. Good training takes only a few weeks, but the reaction is probably the most important aspect of becoming a cacho nuevoaguarro owner.

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