Friday, April 10, 2009

Tips for taking your dog on a trip

security restrictions

The safest way for your dog to travel in his car inside a cage. This may seem restrictive, but ensures that it will not be thrown into the car, put your feet, or be seriously injured in the event of an accident. The best option is to restrict the use of a pet dog door, but realidadhace well in large vehicles. Hasand some definite no-no touttion get rid of your dog. Do not leave the window rolled all the way down, just jump in May (yes, I knew that). Also, do not drive with a dog with no restrictions on the back of a truck that could easily fall or jump and injuring themselves. bring water

Your dog can not stop at a fast food restaurant and order a shake when you are thirsty, but that depends on you. Sure dand that is a source of water for your dog, the puddle of water on the side of the road was not cut. Enough water ensures that your dog is suffering from dehydration and possibly ruin your trip. bring a leash and toys

Opening Hours in the car can be boring, and does not want a bored dog bounce around your vehicle. Bring toys to chew for your dog or try to occupy himself when you're on the road. Moreovers, remember that your dog on a leash. He'll need to go run around the boiler and during breaks. Most dogs need a stop Lede ash, which is essential to remember. The best way to get your dog to car travel is often with him. Part of owning a dog is your dog, including all aspects of their lives. Des after a while, used to the car, just bend and sleep when you're on the road. Comor an added bonus, you will have the advantage of a travel companion who loves nothing more than to travel with you.

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