Friday, April 10, 2009

Where the dogs trained to share their toys?

As with children, sharing things can be a big problem with dogs, too. Possessiveness is the natural tendency to teach sharing is not natural. However, while children are still very young, it's okay to let the experience of feeling something and have to teach them to share with others a little later, maturity and are able totend the concept. The property is a critical aspect of self-esteem, and sharing comes later, when it considers it has a good start. With the dogs, however, things are slightly different. In nature, species possessiveness use of dogs as social, on the packaging. The pack leader who decided in May to keep something or not. In general, the head of the ownership of something, usually nourritude again. In our homes, this isapplies to toys, beds and space, as well as food. But in this situation, you are the leader and take control of all the things the dog could want. In the package leader, you decide who has what, when and where .... Even if only a dog can be your small backpack, but it's better to be the leader of it. If not, you'll have a growly, demanding and potentiellement bites dog. The dog should never in the control of food, toys,bedding, or space in your home. That is his job. If you can take food away from him, without a negative reaction from him, then you can be sure he sees as its leader. Thest is a good thing and that is what the dog owners must do. If you have more than one dog, one will inevitably try to take over the leader comyo at least one dog, if not the whole package, that includes you. To train him respect as a leader  and commander of the things that they can use or eat, you need to correct the behavior in relation to these things. One thing you can do is keep a small spray bottle of water handy, as you would with a cat, and then a quick spritz in the face at the exact moment or even a grunt of a loop if someone is close lips and he believes that "his" toy or food is threatened. Do not make a big deal of it, because it is a way  care and in May of using this tactic to draw attention to it. Instead, you can try something called positive reinforcement, if you get a treatment (even pat love you) every time it behaves correctly. Therefore, if quelqu'one ... parfile or a child or pet in the house ... approaches, when eating or chewing a toy, reward him for not growling. In fact, you can reward him each time someone enters the room and not complainse. This is a good time to praise him too. Make them know that you are happy with him when he is in a good mood. If you have more than one dog and izquierdaser at home during your absence, do not leave toys if they have questions concerning the property. Can fight them, if you're not there to enforce the rules, which will revert to their training.

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