Sunday, April 5, 2009

5 Tips to Clicker TRAIN YOUR DOG

Keep dogs dogs around his son and maneuvering in certain positions, while the clicker training works only for positive reinforcement. Clicker training is an effective way of training that can be used to train any animal, whatever its size. Sea World in Florida, for example, has used this method pnuestra train their dolphins, bafull, so many years. Address is the best training method for animals used in film and television. Clicker Training is easy and cheap to get. This is a small device as a toy that clicks when you press a button. This device is easy to carry with you and is comfortable to hold. They come in a variety of colors and cost at least alguienes dollars. Clickers can be used to teach your dog training techniques bASIC, tips, and more advanced and challenging training routines. They can also be used to correct behavior problems. When using positive reinforcement, which prevents you from forcing your dog to do something in May, they do not want to do. Instead of getting bored with the whole process of training your dog will want to learn and hcomió early in the training session at the end of it. Many reinforcements can be used, such as trafficking, toys and games, but usuallyyou are the most popular choice in the early stages of training. How to start clicker training

Before you begin training, you should choose a quiet moment, not to interrupt or be anywhere at a time. This will allow you and your dog time to relax and enjoy quality time together. Clicker training can be done indoors or outdoors, depending on the location most convenient for you:

1. Make sureit has lots of flavors and health comes prepared for the session formationsion. 2. Make sure your clicker is working properly and keep it on hand at all times during training. 3. Ask your dog to sit. 4. The second your dog obeys the command, you must immediately press the clicker and then immediately reward your dog with a treat. 5. Once your dog has mastered "sit", can  switch to other commands, such as bed roll, etc. You can even use this method of training, leaving perhaps some more advanced tricks, once your dog is happy with all the basic training. In Effe The sound of the clicker as your dog starts to love as he or she learns to associate the click of a prize. May take some time to tweak the timing of the clicker, but with much practice, you will soon master. After awhile, you can begin tophasing control signals for each phase and the clicker. The clicker may have served its purpose of helping you with your chiencommuniquerAître recognized and acceptable behavior.

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