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how to care for your Border Collie - Critical Health Information here

Care For Your Border Collie - food, grooming, exercise, and l potential health problems

Border Collie takes its name from its origin along the border in England, Wales and Scotland. It is considered one of the most intelligent dogs. With enough power to handle a group of sheep, this breed is a breed of cattle has helped farmers move  flocks of sheep from one pasture to another. They are still in the hands of many owners of farm animals and sports. The Border Collie is very friendly and affectionate, and once formed, is a faithful friend of all time. High level of energy and heavy exercise in May, is little Border Collie in the city. Food and Custodial
food offered to a Border Collie should be nutritious and fresh, preferably home and ensuring adequate levelsnotebooks of vitamins and minerals. Lean meat and vegetables are a good option. A diet recommended by a veterinarian, is probably the safest option to go with. Grooming includes regular brushing to keep coat shiny and healthy. More frequent brushing during the shedding season is necessary. Bathing is necessary only when necessary, but your ears should be checked more frequently. This breed tends to attract a large number of ticksand regular monitoring of the layer is essential. The exercise
Without an adequate level of exercise, the border collies tend to be aggressive in May and to develop behavioral problems. Training is an enjoyable activity for them and the rewards at the end of the work that is expected. This breed needs an owner who can provide a high level of exercise your dog - physical and mental.
Since this race is a race, they feel comfortablewhen they have a task to perform. Playing with a frisbee or ball games look interesting for a Border Collie. and special health care
leading causes of death OFA Border collies are considered as cancer, aging and cerebrovascular disease. Other health problems include

- dysplasia of the hip or elbow - dislocation of the hip joint that causes inflammation, swelling and pain.
- Collie eye anusMali (CEA) - a congenital problem that includes the retina, choroid and sclera. This complication prevents good vision
- Neuronal Ceroid lipofuscinosis (NCL) - A serious show that most border collies are prone to this condition causesdes neurological damage and is fatal. There is no treatment for this malamueren and the dog dies within a couple of years.
- Trapped symdromes neutrophils (TNS) - It is a condition caused due to hereditary factors and one is inrecessive disease. This condition is characterized by the inability of neutrophils to move from the bone marrow into the blood. This weakens the immune system, causing new infections occur.

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