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6 ways to entertain your dog while you are at work

Are you a dog home alone for you work ? Many dog owners feel guilty when you close the door in the morning, leaving behind their dogs to spend the day alone. It is true that left a dog without the encouragement, can become anxious, depressed and even destructive. It is therefore important to provide stimulation fuenteses  home for your dog during your absence. Here are some ways to entertain etnotre dog while you're at work:

1. Shoot it before you go

A strategy to ensure that your dog will not get bored while you're at the office is to provide a quick exercise in the morning. Human beings need exercise as bad as the dogs. Get a good pair of walking shoes and a walking Fido in at least thirty minutosminutos before going to work. Not onlyyour dog is feeling better, you will notice some positive changes in their own sense of well being, not to mention his physical condition. 2. Give him a chew toy stimulants

Many dogs love to chew and can do that for hours. Buy a Kong dog toy and fill it with peanut butter to make it more attractive and more difficult for your dog. Your dog will go nsombreado hours trying to stimulate all the little lick peanut butter on the insider toy. Kongs tend to be safer and more durable than the bones of dogs for you to worry less about the potential of choking. 3. Get help from a friend

Do you have a friend or neighbor who is home during the day? Open to spend time with your dog daily. This brief social interaction may alleviate the monotonous say, a dog experiences when left home alone. 4. Turn on the TV

The dogs are more comfortable whenas exposed to the sounds. Leave the television on when you leave the comfort of working with your dog in your absence. Another solution is to buy a video or DVD containing images of dogs in action. These videos are designed to keep dogs entertained when their owners are not there, and many dogs propietariose swear by its effectiveness. 5. Add a baby pool

If your dog stays in a fenced back while you're at work, add a little baby to peecina water your dog to stay cool during the summer months. Kongs some float in the pool for even more fun canine. 6. Doggy day care

Find a dog day care in your area and your dog is on the way to work twice a week. It is a great way to provide socialization for your dog and relieve boredom. Choose your dog at night on the way back to work. If this is not possible with your schedule, consider posibilidad having a pet sitter to visit your dog during the day, twice a week reading for some. Finding safe ways to entertain your dog during the day when you can "be at home, you'll have much happier and better adjusted dog.

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