Sunday, April 5, 2009

What if your dog barks non-stop in the middle of the night

had a good day to play with him his hurt puppy and wanted a good night's sleep. Unfortunately, something that is causing your dog to bark non stop. The noise wakes you and other family members in place. It is probably too affect the neighbors. So what can you do to stop the barking dog is the boss? The first thingmust do is consider cautilisations. If you own a first time, it may be inexperienced in this field. Go where your puppy and begin to investigate. There are several reasons that could be causing your puppy to behave in this way. 1) You feel uncomfortable in a strange environment. If you brought the dog home, this is a common phenomenon. The dogs, like people, need time to adapt to their environment. Puppies May insecurityity in their new home and to facilitate such feelings, they begin to bark non stop. Trying to reassure the dog and see if it helps. Give him some water and let it sleep with someone in a cage. This reassures the puppies. 2), separation anxiety. This is perhaps the most common. The puppy is separated from the owner of the tiendaY now feels uncomfortable. The calf finally learn to be independent. But for now, you need a company. 3)  Barking boredom. Some dogs bark only boredom. Résiduelley much energy and have trouble finding a little rest. If limited to a lease or an event in May began to bark from boredom. Give the dog toys to keep busy. Nylon bones or a rubber ball should FAImuy good. If the dog stops barking after the supply of toys to it, then you know for sure that your puppy is todonkey. 4) Attract attention. Then, there are dogs who are seeking attention. They want the attention of all times! We must not forget, young pups are very similar to young children. They include both children. And they know that barking at night is not the CHse dare to do. This is forgivable for a young puppy. But if you have a mature dog, you must find a way to stop this

5) is in the Puppypain. The puppy is in pain and needs medical attention. You should be able to detect that something is wrong with the puppy. For example, it is not as active as ever, and has little appetite for his favorite food. Is barking to attract attention, so that it can help. If the condition is serious and you are worried about your pet, consult a doctor immediately. If the cause is a medical correspondent, the problem can be easily solved bygive your puppy food, toys, or a bit of consolation. When all else fails, use a mouth to nose. This measure is temporary. Helps prevent the interruption of their neighbors, until puedaz will behave correctly.

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