Sunday, April 5, 2009

What if your dog pees Within

first that the first

The first thing that wants to take care of your dog when an accident is to take place immediately. Do not crush it or ten minutes to clean the bathroom. Dogs need to escape quickly after they urinate inside so they can go into the bathroom outside. If your puppy has to urinate and left like unalgunos generously whengoes away, so he knows it is good to go outside. Avoid too many problems or scream, just to think that your dog likes to see eliminated, which makes it when you go hide. If you are going, is it not better that your dog has an accident in which one can easily see and be clean? Clear disorder

Now let's clean the disorders. Gently tap the ground to absorb excess liquid, do not rub, as they only spread the aroma. Then  using a carpet cleaning and outside the scene, leaving to spend a few minutes. If you do not like to test chemicals for carpet cleaning vinegar and baking soda, which makes the job very well without toxins. After leaving the carpet cleaning and sitting area with a pat toallate again. Take care of the place as soon as you get inside, so as to absorb the urine on the carpet below, where it will always be a temptation for your dog.   Of course, it is much easier to prevent an accident from a clean. Look for signs of the pot, such as sniffing the floor or circles. If your dog is exhibiting these behaviors, immediately take him outside. Do not forget to praise and pet when you go! Finally, accidents in the home will be a thing of the past.

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