Sunday, April 5, 2009

8 Dog Training Tips Exposed

dog training comes in many forms and is made differently by different people. Here are 8 simple things you can do to get better results when training your dog. # 1. Vary your pattern formation

The first trick is very simple. Changing the time and place to train your dog and you get the best reresultados. Your dog will reaction positively to a change of scenery. # 2. Stay positive

training should be as fun as possible. Your dog will take new orders much more easily when it's fun. Go to training in a positive mood and always use positive reinforcement to encourage desirable outcomes. # 3. Perfect for a few years

to find one or two things at once and controlarr. Practice in different locations under different conditions anddistractions. Once you've perfected an order, go to the learning of another. # 4. Use body language to communicate

Talk less and act more. Dogs understand body language much more clearly than the spoken word. Use body language, in conjunction with voice commands and you can see quick results. # 5. Take note of facial expressions dogs

Dog's expressions can give us an idea of how they feel. Learn take note of the position of your dog and facial expressions. A happy dog will probably be in a position with the mouth open. # 6. Always BeConformément

Being consistent is very important when trying to train a dog. Keep things as simple as possible. Use commands and stick to them. Never use the command many of the same thing - only confuse your dog. # 7. Train good behavior, not punish bad behavior ...

Many intrenadores of dogs and dog owners, without focusing on punishing the bad behavior instead of rewarding good behavior. Encourage good behavior of your dog by teaching what you want to do instead of focusing on what not to do. # 8. And enseñarnuestro dog like a professional dog trainer

One way to train your dog is much more efficient to use a training guide. Many trainers have dogs  written books on the best way to train your dog, books are filled with down, while others are full of precious stones. After a dog training book to improve your relationship with your dog and improve your dog's behavior. 8 Use the above tips to better vousr training routine. Find out more about dog training, click on the links below.

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  1. Thanks for posting these tips! I had a rough time training my Springer Spaniel, but we're hoping to get another puppy, so I'll be sure to keep these training tips in mind!